Easy Chocolate Pudding Recipe / Eggless Chocolate Pudding Recipe

I have a weakness for puddings..I simply love the silky, creamy puddings a lot. Specially when it takes less than 5 mins to make. I am kind of addicted to that recipe. This is one pudding which i made today and is instantly addicted.

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This easy pudding takes only 5 ingredients to make, plus it can be made in less than 10 mins..How easy is that..You can serve this warm or cold..I enjoyed it warm and it was so divine..

Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

Preparation Time : 2 min
Cooking Time : 5 mins
Serves : 2


Milk - 1 cup
Cornflour / Cornstarch - 2 tblspn
Cocoa Powder - 2 tblspn (use good ones)
Sugar - 4 tblspn
Salt - a pinch


Take all the ingredients except milk in a bowl and use a whisk to mix well. 

Add milk slowly and mix till no lumps is formed.

Now pour this entire mix into a sauce pan and heat on very low heat till it gets thick and creamy. It will take 5 mins or so..

Now remove it from heat and cool it a bit while you mix every now and then, so a crust is not formed.

Pour it into serving glasses and serve warm or chill it for a hour or so.


1) I enjoyed it warm, but if you are serving cold, you have to cover the top layer of the pudding with a plastic wrap so no skin form on top.

You just need, milk, sugar, salt, cornflour and cocoa..
How easy is that

First take cornflour in a bowl

add in cocoa powder

add some salt

and some sugar

use a whisk and mix gently

Now is is mixed 

slowly add milk over

and whisk gently

now pour this entire mix into a sauce pan

heat it on low heat

keep mixing

slowly it will get thick

now you can see it is thick and creamy

at this stage take it off the heat

let it cool , whisk every now and then..so it stays creamy  a
nd it doesn't form a crust on top.

take any serving bowl..

spoon the pudding in and make swirls

place a cherry on top

chill it for a hour or so

i enjoyed it when it is still warm, tasted awesome..

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