Homemade Oats Flour Recipe / Oats Flour Recipe / How to Make Oats Flour at Home

This is not really a recipe, but i wanted to share it with you because i have this stuff in a container always in my fridge. I add it to almost anything i cook. Somedays i dont feel like having anything during mornings..I make myself a glass of smoothie, i add a spoonful of this powder in it and it makes my smoothie more tasty and healthy..In fact i have a post for my mango oats smoothie, i will share it today check it out.

And other use of this flour is, you can add it to roti dough, baking stuff or even curries as a thickener. So make a jar of this right now and have it handy in your cupboard.

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Cooking Time : 2 mins
Makes : 1 cup of oats flour


Instant Oats - 1 cup


Take oats in a dry pan and toast it for just a couple of mins.

Remove them and let it cool a bit. 

Add it to blender and powder it finely.

Store this in a air tight container..

Measure a cup of oats

add it to a dry kadai

roast it for couple of mins

once it smells little toasty, turn the heat off
and let it cool down

add it to blender

powder it finely

store it in a air tight container.

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