How to Prepare Cake Pan for Baking / How to Grease and Flour a Cake Pan

Ever since i started baking basics posts i have been looking for new post to share here, so it will help you all. If you want me to post any basic tip for baking just let me know so i will share here..This is the basic greasing and flouring cake pans technique to get it ready for baking. You can use this cake pan to bake any basic cakes which i have shared it here. Some cakes will need the cake pans to be lined with parchment paper. I will share that in a separate post.

Things Needed:

Cake Pans
Flavourless Oil - as needed (I used refined oil)
All Purpose Flour / Maida - couple tblspn or  as needed
Pastry Brush

How to do it:

Take your cake pans, drizzle some oil in it and use a pastry brush or hands to spread the oil all over the cake pan.

Now sprinkle some flour in it and shake it on all sides of the cake pan.

Tap off the excess flour.

Now the cake pan is ready.

First take the pan which you are gonna use

Drizzle some oil 

use your hands or brush to grease it well

go all over the edges too

now grease the sides as well

all greased

sprinkle some flour

shake to coat all sides

go around the corners as well

perfectly floured

now tap off the excess

now you can use this to bake your cakes

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