Strawberry Milkshake Recipe / Fresh Strawberry Shake Recipe

I promised you that i will be posting more strawberry recipes right..On that row here is my next one..Even though it is simple to make, i want to have it in my blog. You can check out my other milkshake recipes too..

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I hope you will try this out and let me know how it turned out for you..

Preparation Time : 5 mins
Serves: 2


Strawberries - 10
Cold Milk - 1.5 cup
Strawberry Essence / Strawberry Mix - few drops (optional)
Sugar to taste
Vanilla Icecream - 2 scoops (optional)


Take all ingredients in a blender and blend it till smooth.

Pour it into glasses and serve cold.

Take your ingredients

This is purely optional. It is strawberry milkshake mix

First take your strawberries

remove the stalks

take them in a blender

add in sugar

add in cold milk

now take your strawberry mix

you just need few drops

add them in

blend them up..the essence gave nice colour to this as well

take a glass

pour it out

serve cold

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